Here at Creations Photography we cater for everyone and want everyone to feel comfortable when using our studio. 

Having personal experience with special needs children & adults ( 4 Grandchildren with autism and our eldest daughter with Downs Syndrome )

we have discovered that one thing that can really upset and spoil an otherwise enjoyable shoot is camera flash! 

So - we simply do not use flash at all...ever...we use camera settings and photoshop to achieve the same results without the stress.

So you can book your shoot with confidence knowing that all the members of your party are going to be happy and having a good time.

Along the same lines you will find that as an ahem...older photographer....I have a lot of patience when it comes to waiting for the right shot.. I have been known to crawl around on the floor - playing with the kids then when they least expect it! 

Also if you have booked an hour but find that some of group can't manage that long then not a problem.. we will simply stop half way and you can come back on another day to finish off your shoot at no extra cost.

Great photos are usually the most natural photos. 

Hope to see you soon.